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Crysta Whitehurst

I am a birth, postpartum and lactation support Doula. I seek to help bring advocacy to women and their families as they come into the journey of pregnancy and beyond. My goal is to educate and support those in pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, surrogacy, lactation (focusing on Tongue and lip tie issues and resources) and beyond.

My journey into this innate part of  living began in my own introduction into motherhood. My experience wasn't pleasant and I knew that there was more to this then what I had experienced. Since then I have spent almost a decade working hard to fill in the gaps and lend a hand into some of the most sacred places of our lives. 

As my experience grew I started making keepsakes for those looking to find a way to preserve this part of their lives. I began my keepsake making journey in 2015 and formally making keepsakes since 2016. 

Through this I have watched people heal, love and let go of different parts of their own journeys. I am blessed to be able to offer such meaningful mementos.

Above all the things I am passionate about my biggest passion is my family. I am a mother to 6 ( 4 I have birthed and 2 I have had the pleasure of loving as my own) I have a wonderful partner who supports all my crazy dreams and I have been able to explore the world of surrogacy as a Gestational surrogate. The place we call home is within all of us and is beautiful. Let us know and love one another.